A riding / jumping stable in the inner loop of Houston, Texas


How can you take lessons at MPH?
Lessons are given to boarders and clients enrolled in our lease program.

What is your lease program?
The lease program is for adults and children who wish to take lessons at MPH but do not own their own horse or pony. We offer a half lease which allows for 3 lessons a week or a full lease which allows for 6 lessons a week.

What is involved in a half lease?
A half lease is set up on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule or a Wednesday, Friday, Sunday schedule. Basically, you pay for half of the horse or pony's expenses. So you would be responsible for half the board ($550), half the blacksmith and half the veterinarian bills. Lessons are additional. Please see the services page.

What is a full lease?
A full lease allows you to ride 6 days a week. You are responsible for all board, blacksmith and veterinarian bills. Lessons are additional. Please see services.

We would like to buy a horse/pony and board it at MPH. Can you help us with that?
Yes! We pride ourselves with matching equine to rider.

At what age do you start children?
We prefer to start them no younger than 7.

Do you rent horses by the hour?
No, we do not offer hourly riding.

Do you do birthday parties?
No, we do not have birthday parties.

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