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A riding / jumping stable in the inner loop of Houston, Texas

Congratulations to all our riders on a great job at Summer in the Rockies!



Abercrombie owned and ridden by Sloan Hopson.
Children's Hunter 13 & under Champion Weeks IV and V.
Week V Marshall and Sterling Children's Classic Winner and NAL Children's Classic Winner.

Child's Play Hot Topic


Child's Play Hot Topic owned and ridden by Sloan Hopson.
Pony Hunter Champion and Pony Hunter Classic winner Week IV.
Pony Hunter Reserve Champion Week V.

Pinto Bean


Pinto Bean owned and ridden by Emma Roberts.
Second in Low Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic Week IV.
Amateur Jumper Champion Week V.



Sagaro owned by Mindy Hildebrand and ridden by Matt Cyphert.
Blue ribbon winner in 3'3" Performance Hunter Week IV.
3'3" Performance Hunter champion Week V.

Cool Beans


Cool Beans owned and ridden by Lola Head.
Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Hunter Week IV.



Lancio owned and ridden by Maddie Geno
Blue ribbon winner in Sore No More Medal and Col. RL Robertson Medal Week V.

RMF Voka D.N.


RMF Voka D.N. ridden by Rita Herzog.
Blue ribbon winner in Dorothy Roberts Memorial Medal Week V.



Charon owned and ridden by Amber Tribble.
Equitation ribbon winner Weeks IV and V.



Sparkle owned and ridden by Lola Head.
Short stirrup equitation and hunter ribbon winner Week IV.

MEMORIAL PARK HUNTERS  -  8552 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024   Tel 713-683-8636