Memorial Park Hunters is staffed 24/7 with experienced barn personnel. We provide premier feed and bedding and all horses and ponies are on a worming and vaccination program. We are fortunate to have top quality veterinary and farrier services.

  • 44 stalls
  • Stalls cleaned twice daily
  • Horses fed three times per day or as needed
  • Clean and organized aisles
  • Tack stalls and cross ties
  • Automatic fly and mosquito control
  • Winter blanketing and sheeting
  • Summer fans
  • Lighted tack rooms
  • Three wash racks
  • Seven grooming stalls
  • Treadmill
  • Theraplate
  • 90 x 120 ft lighted covered arena
  • Excellent footing
  • Riding trails
  • Dirt paddocks