April 2021 Newsletter

Spring Greetings!

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy spring break.  It was a quiet week around the barn.  Now we are back at it!  

Pin Oak is underway.  Here are some of the MPH highlights of our first week showing at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. 

We started the week out on a great note with Alison Kratish’s Roxton being Champion in the 2’-6” Pin Oak Hunter Division.  Alison shared the riding duties with Caroline Molther.  

On Saturday, Elle Wuertz and Blue Print aka Harley were Reserve Champion in the X-Rails and 18-in Opportunity Divisions.  On Sunday, Elle and Harley stepped up their game and were Champion in the X-Rails Division along with being Reserve Champion in the 18-in Opportunity Division.

MPH also took home the Champion in the Walk/Trot Division on Saturday.  Jane Wexler and Harry Potter aka Potter brought home the win.

Anabella De Leon Gamez and Chapeau brought home a blue in the 0.75-meter Training Jumpers.

Caroline rode Liston Johnson’s Grafton to two under saddle wins.  They won the 2’-6” Pin Oak Hunter under saddle and the 2’-9” Pin Oak  Hunter under saddle.

A big shout out to our first-time lead liners, Hazel Wexler riding Little Miss aka Lollipop and Emory Wuertz riding Blue Print aka Harley.  Great job girls!

Some notable mentions, Courtney Baggett and Highmark aka Koko moved back into the Younger 3’-3” A/O Hunters.  They won a ribbon in all their classes including the combined A/O Hunter Classic where they placed fourth.  Courtney and Koko had a first-round score of 81 and a second-round score of 83.5.

Sloane Wallace and RVF Hudson won a ribbon in every Younger Children’s  Hunter Class in the division.  Look for this team to be moving into the 3’-3” Junior Hunters in the near future!

Ally Killgore and Tallulah aka Lulu also placed fourth in their section of the Children’s Hunter Classic.

And, last but not least, a big shout out to Margot Evans and Waltz Across Texas aka Archie.  This was Margot’s first time competing.  Opportunity Riders look out for Margot and Archie!  Here they come again! 

Good luck to our riders’ weeks 2 and 3 of Pin Oak! 

Please let us know if you will be showing at the June Kentucky shows.  The dates are June 9-13 and June 15-20.  We also plan to go to Michigan in July/early August.  Let us know if you would like to join us and what weeks work for you.  Additionally, please let us know how many weeks you would be interested in showing in Michigan. 



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